About AccrediLink Health

AccrediLink is built on a state-of-the-art platform uniquely combining Blockchain, mobile, communications and Social Media technologies to deliver a groundbreaking solution in the rapidly evolving home centric healthcare market. 

We intend to:

  • Be a game changer uniquely bringing value to the agencies/facilities, professionals, and the industry as a whole
  • Provide a unique approach addressing credential and resource management challenges of the home health industry
  • Reduce the total cost to the industry (estimated to be in the $billions wasted annually) to help improve profits for agencies and salaries for both Healthcare and Personal Care Professionals while improving safety and security for patients
  • Differentiate agencies and facilities to increase referrals, reduce cost, and improve agency profitability
  • Enable professionals to own their profile, differentiate themselves as an AccrediLink Verified Professional (AVP) increasing their value and pay rate and positioning them to be ‘site ready / patient ready’ more quickly
  • Make the AccrediLink Passport™ the industry standard for a verified workforce
  • Be a unique model that is a win/win/win for agencies, professionals, patients, and families

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