About Our Industry

According to a report from the Alliance of Home Health Quality and Innovation (AHHQI), a patient’s home is likely to become the center of care delivery over the next few decades.

Studies have shown that with the rapidly growing senior population there is a strong preference to remain in your own home and have available the level of care / support you need.  Nearly 90% of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age (American Association of Retired Persons  – AARP 2014).

This model is not without issues and challenges. 

  • Patient safety and security is at the top of the list.
  • Our industry suffers from a growing number of bad instances where Healthcare and Personal Care Professionals often working in the home alone have taken advantage of the situation to the detriment of the patient and their family.
  • Incomplete or non-existent background screening has been sited numerous times in these problems.
  • There is a critical growing shortage of healthcare and personal care professionals to meet the demand.
  • The wide range of professional’s needed to care for patients is driving the growth of a part-time/PRN workforce.
  • Patients and families sometimes turn to job boards on Craig’s List or other sites or postings to find help. These individuals are rarely checked out completely.
  • Agencies must quickly locate and deploy professionals to meet patient needs.
  • Healthcare and Personal Care Professionals often work for multiple agencies and facilities (a growing gig economy workforce) causing each agency/facility to perform the same background checks and credential verification on the individual increasing the cost of healthcare.
  • Over 300,000/visits per day are made in the U.S. to home health patients by individuals lacking verified credentials.

The outdated approach of every agency self-managing and monitoring background checks and credentials is not working putting patients at risk and agencies concerned of liability, fines, and reputation.

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