George Gundling: Founder

George is the founder of AccrediLink Health. As president and CEO of SaaS Software, Inc., George worked with health industry experts in developing commercial healthcare solutions. Patient Call Manager (PCM) was a groundbreaking product for proactively managing high risk patients post-discharge from the hospital with a care plan and follow up plan to prevent readmissions.

George has also been instrumental in the development of the Pharmalto suite of population health products that includes the MedLife mobile products available on iOS and Android that links patients to providers and care coordinators. Having developed successful mobile, web, and SaaS healthcare products at SSi, it was working closely with health industry experts that shared where healthcare is going and the challenges of the future landscape that enabled George to see the incredible need and the founding of AccrediLinkHealth.

George started in healthcare at EDS and then was in a wide range of leadership roles with Frito-Lay and PepsiCo where he headed up IT for PepsiCo Foods International and Frito-Lay International.  George headed up the development of the award winning Frito-Lay  executive information and business intelligence systems whose success was instrumental in the business direction of Frito-Lay.  These were documented in Harvard Case Studies.

George’s background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Bethany College (WV) where he also excelled in basketball.  After college, he taught high school Mathematics for four years in Ohio before joining EDS and becoming a Systems Engineer before moving to Frito-Lay and PepsiCo where he excelled for over 19 years