Healthcare and Personal Care Professionals

Join AccrediLink and become an AVP (AccrediLink Verified Professional) with the AccrediLink Passport™.  AVPs (licensed clinicians and personal care aids) could earn higher salaries, higher per diem rates, and increased demand.

Easy to use web and mobile portal enables you to store your profile and related professional documents in the AccrediLink secure cloud.

AccrediLink verifies your identity and all your credentials and then monitors and alerts when expiration is coming so you can keep your AccrediLink Passport as an AVP current.

Simply link to the agency or agencies you work for and they know you are an AVP ready to visit patients.

AccrediLink enables you to locate agencies seeking your discipline/skills based on your discipline, location, and availability.

With AccrediLink, you to take control of your career bringing value to you, to the agencies, and to the industry.  We are taking a totally new approach to helping you achieve your goals as a healthcare professional.

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