Staffing Agencies

AccrediLink eliminates the outdated practice of self-managing the required credentials for all of the professionals representing your staffing agency.

Thorough background checks, monitoring and maintaining records for every full  and part-time professional you have visiting patients is costly, time-consuming,  and a huge liability now handled by AccrediLink.

AccrediLink One Look™ Dashboard is all you need to know that everyone of your staff (full-time, part-time, bench) are current with all credentials and policies and safe to visit patients. As an AccrediLink Verified Organization (AVO), you are differentiated as an agency with the highest standards.

AccrediLink also enables you to locate AccrediLink Verified Professionals (AVPs) that are pre-certified and ready to visit patients when you are looking for that special skill and availability to help your client.

And you have the option to enable current clients and grown new clients who see you have AVP resources available to meet their needs through AccrediLink Match.

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